The Bed and Breakfast business in the Casa di Peppino e Lucia was started in the summer of 2008, but the history of this house began in the early 60ís when Peppino Aiello and Lucia Puccio decided to build it. Peppino and Lucia met at the end of the Second World War, when Peppino returned after seven long years, initially to fulfil his military call-up obligations as a soldier in the Cavalry and subsequently fighting in the war that had erupted in the meantime, and finally between the partisans of the Region of Emilia during the Resistance period.

They fell in love and were married in 1946 settling in their first cottage in the "Old Houses" area of Botricello. They had four children: Francesco in 1947, Gregorio in 1949, Franca in 1951 and Maria in 1956. The family had grown up by now and even if times were difficult, they decided to build a new home which would be more comfortable. The area where the house would be built, named "New Homes", initially open fields used for extensive cultivation of grain and cereals, was destined to become the building area for many young families from Botricello.

Peppino and Lucia with the help of their children built their new home and moved into it. Francesco and Gregorio were already two young workers, Franca was a young homemaker and Mary in her early years of school when, in July 1963 the fifth child that Peppino and Lucia always wanted arrived and they named him Leonardo Salvatore.

Among the various hardships that from time to time life reserved for them, in this house the family continued to grow in love and harmony, always united, thanks to the wise guidance of Lucia and Peppino. Around the two of them, even if in the meantime, the families had, in fact, became five, under five different roofs, the family seemed to always be as one, blessed by the presence of twelve grandchildren bringing my joy and happiness.

In this House Salvatore grew up in serenely and became an adult, enjoying the affection of all, thanks to the teachings of his parents, with the support of brothers, sisters, brothers/sister-in-law, all older than him, not to mention the devotion of all his nieces and nephew. He met and married Rosetta Scarpino, from whom he had two daughters: Lucy (named after her Grandmother), and Irene.

After the death of Lucia and Peppino, the house was inherited by Salvatore who, in agreement with his wife and daughters, decided to restructure the building as a small business with accommodation facilities, specifically, La Casa di Peppino e Lucia B & B.

Restructuring of the House and creation of the business was conceived and attended to by Salvatore, while management and hospitality will be conducted and supervised by Rosa, yet all in a climate of family cooperation.

For Salvatore creating this small business and realizing it in this House has taken on a meaning that goes beyond the value the business itself, in fact it will be, above all, a tribute to Lucia and Peppino and a summary of the past, present and future.

From the Past: The love for their Parents (renovating this house seemed to be like caressing the gentle cheek of their Mother and feeling secure by clinging to the hand of their Father), the memory of their lives and their example of true guidance for children. The memory, as a child, of the many moments spent together and of all the affection received by all his family.

The Present: The desire to create something beautiful and functional for those who, like him, love the environment and have a passion to travel, see and learn about places, people and cultures. The opportunity was gratifying for Rosa and her natural ability to manage the house, her warmth and hospitality. The desire of Lucia and Irene to maintain and rediscover and asset which had belonged to their Grandparents.

For the Future: The hope, for the children, that the Region of Calabria may progress thanks to the many and varied Environmental, Cultural and Human resources, always visible to everyone everywhere. Thus, even the hope that all Calabrians may understand that the Region of Calabria will always be able to give them its fruits only if they continue to love, respect, care for and protect it, as one does for a mother, a wife and a daughter. Conversely, if it is only exploited, sold and abandoned without care, just like a prostitute, it will lose its beauty and richness, it will become ill and instead of bearing fruit and joy it will taint those who desire to live there.

For those who have been so patient to read through to the end this short story, with this tribute to those who have gone before us, we hope we have conveyed the idea that by coming to stay in the House of Peppino and Lucia, you will find the hospitality of those who cultivate the values of family and friendship, the joy and enthusiasm of those who love to travel and learn about a country, love for nature, respect for the environment, traditions and their history.